30-70% Equipment Savings

Averaging 58% Mailing Equipment Savings so far = $42,081,249

We’ve reduced mailing equipment costs by $42,081,249 (58%) for our clients. We did this by working with the end-users to determine their requirements, negotiating individual location and national agreements.

Top 3 Mail Equipment Savings

  1. $8,053,573 (54%) – Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. $4,313,671 (47%)  – Healthcare Industry
  3. $2,700,527 (57%) – Telecommunications Industry

There are two main ways we help clients reduce equipment costs:

Right-sizing and Assisting with Contract Negotiations

Mailing Equipmet1. Right-sizing 

This is the largest opportunity for savings in any organization. Many companies will let their mailing vendors define the requirements for their location renewals or work on an automatic lease-extension model keeping the same equipment in place for extended terms.

Our goal is to focus on what is the best fit for the location at the lowest costs.  Here is our process:

  1. We contact locations to define their current and future mailing needs.
  2. We ensure that these locations have the right type of mailing equipment for their volume and application.
  3. We ensure that these offices are paying only for the features they need.
  4. We identify equipment that is no longer used and have it picked up.
  5. We create electronic catalogs with negotiated prices; and work with each location to find the best fit.

2. Contract Negotiations

We have over 200 years of mailing industry experience and can help you negotiate the best pricing for future contracts.  We provide you with the details and analyses that help you choose the right equipment for your needs throughout your enterprise. We do this by:

  1. Leveraging your spend to get the best possible rates from the mailing vendors
  2. Checking that you are paying the same rates for specific models throughout your enterprise
  3. Comparing internet postage and re-manufactured equipment options
  4. Looking at what supplies, maintenance, meter rental, lease rate options and discounts are available
  5. Setting up equipment contract pricing, terms and equipment standards

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