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Visibility to equipment and postage spend across your organization like never before!

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Most organizations lack access to their total equipment and postage expenses.  If they have any information, it is from an occasional vendor spreadsheet, cryptic invoices, or online data; all of which lack detail.

Consolidating all of this data from these multiple sources is cumbersome at best and ultimately incomplete.  Due to these issues, organizations are unable to effectively manage this unique expense category because they cannot measure what is happening across their enterprise.

Our software, enterpriseAdvocate, allows you to “zoom in” to the detail of a single invoice or location or to “zoom out” to view data for the entire enterprise. You can instantly manage all your mail costs with simplicity and ease.

Our team creates, maintains and updates this information for you while continually monitoring changing conditions and searching for future savings opportunities for your organization.


  • Simple access to all mail expenses (ie – equipment, postage and fees)
  • Visibility to vendor fees and savings
  • All account numbers stored in one place
  • Simple drill-down to individual locations or invoices
  • Multiple vendor and postage categories (e.g.,meter, permit, business reply) stored in the system
  • Payment-to-postage spend ratio for every location.  This allows you easily see if you have the right equipment for each site.
  • Access to view data for the across the enterprise, by division or individual location

Different Views of enterpriseAdvocate:

Headquarters/Admin Visibility – Account Dashboard

Latest Account Activity

This gives the detail of any location surveys, equipment changes, fee removals, funds recovery, etc.

Location Level Visibility – You have the ability to click on any of the locations above to dive into the the detail at the location you select.
Location Main Page

This one page gives summary data to the spend at the site and links to all other information.

Lease and Equipment Information

This gives all of the detail of any leases as well as a complete inventory of all mailing equipment located at the location.

Postage Activity

We can capture summary data (12 months of postage) or individual transactions where the system will calculate monthly usage. We can include postage from meters and USPS permits.

Location History

This tab documents all activity with the location. Examples include: location surveys, equipment changes, fee removals, funds recovery, etc.

Avoidable Fees

We document all avoidable fees so we can help you develop plans to eliminate them for the future. Examples of these fees include late fees, finance charges, insurance programs and loyalty programs all of which can be avoided.

Meter, Maintenance and Scale Rate Chage Charges

This tab outlines all charges for meter rentals, maintenance charges, service calls, rate change protection plans and scale rate changes that are not included with a lease.

Account Numbers

It can be very difficult to manage mailing expenses because every location has 2-5 account numbers. Examples include: Equipment account, lease account, prepaid postage account, advance postage account. We consolidate all of these numbers in one place to make them easy to manage.

Supply Activity

This is an optional area to manage where we can document your supply usage for each site.

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