Eliminate Avoidable Fees

Eliminating Avoidable Fees – $736,788

We look for any fees that can be eliminated that are not a requirement for the equipment.  The following fees are those that we most commonly see our clients are paying before we begin managing their accounts:

  • Late fees and finance charges that can be over 20% of the cost of postage
  • Vendor-provided equipment insurance that is not needed since most companies have a blanket policy
  • Loyalty program and other miscellaneous fees that can be eliminated

Top 3 Avoidable Fees

  1. Healthcare Industry $358,438
  2. Uniform Services $50,303
  3. Healthcare Industry $28,176

Streamlining and Simplifying Mailing Invoices

Streamline BillingPostal Advocate helps you streamline the billing for your postage and mailing equipment throughout your enterprise. Your costs may include many items you are unaware of, such as:

  1. Equipment, meters, postage refills, postage advances, scale rate changes, maintenance agreements
  2. Prepaid postage paid after use and invoiced with other items such as supplies and permit fees

You may be paying for late charges, finance fees and additional insurances that you were not even aware of. If you are an enterprise with multiple locations this problem can become overwhelming!

Postal Advocate helps you regain control of your billing with the following:

  • Complete location analysis for what your company is paying for today
  • Bill consolidation to combine services and locations
  • Assistance having Cost Center/GL Code/PO Numbers referenced on your invoices to make them easier to pay
  • Assistance with new locations and office closings
  • Assigning credit card to mailing expenses

These are the typical fees that we help your organization avoid:   

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